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Company Profile

The company "Medicatus Holding AG" located in Hamburg is carrying out the search for, and realization of, products and patents of the Russian food industry and biomedicine.

In the finished products segment, we prioritize the probiotic food additives designed for medical and veterinary purposes, as well as up-to-date natural preparations for supporting body detoxication and wastes elimination. In the patent realization segment, we are interested in immunotherapeutic preparations for treatment of autoimmune and cancer diseases.

Our partners include Russian physicians, scientists, institutes and production firms, such as the Institute of Clinical Immunology of Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Research Center (Novosibirsk suburb), the production company "Evalar" (Biysk), Saint-Petersburg Cryological Center and the Center for Immunotherapy and Cell Technologies (former Koenigsberg).

We are actively participating in the activities of the Northern system "Life Science" that consolidates and coordinates the development of life sciences in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. (More details can be found on the web site

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