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Healthy nutrition means long life

We are glad you have taken an interest in our products. "Dolgalet" is translated from Russian as Long Life. Long life is just our aim: we are working to ensure our patients a maximally long life full of joy through the use of effective food additives. There are hardly any other subjects to produce the same amount of controversies as correct nutrition, food additive significance and designed purpose, as well as the effects of these factors on humanís health and well-being. However, we are absolutely sure that our vivifying series currently including five food additives will contribute significantly to healthy nutrition:

Dolgalet Probiotic 1
A food additive with the micro organisms that intensify large intestine cleaning and detoxication and, thus, cause positive effects on metabolism in general and on the immune system in particular.

Dolgalet Probiotic 3
A food additive with the micro organisms that augment large intestine (mainly the rectum) detoxication and clearing of toxins and heavy metals, thus enabling the body to normalize the balance of water and mineral substances and to improve metabolism as a result of liver cleaning.

Dolgalet Probiotic 4
A food additive with the micro organisms that support the small intestine cleaning, thus enabling the body to restore the usual sterile status of the small intestine and duodenum and, as a consequence, to optimize the supply of nutrients, to improve the digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as to normalize the production of hormones (insulin and glucagon) and secretion of digestive juices.

Dolgalet Probiotic 2
A combined food additive with the micro organisms contained in Dolgalet Probiotics 3 and 4 for long-term use as a food additive and long-term supporting healthy, symbiotic micro flora in the small and the large intestines.

Dolgalet Repejin
A food additive prepared from stick button (Arctium L.); it has both pleasant taste and the numerous ingredients that support natural detoxication of the body through intestine, liver, kidneys and skin.

All the products of Dolgalet Series - both individual products and the products jointly constituting a health-improving food additive program - are designed for both short-term and regular use. Their production is carried out in accordance with strict criteria and in conditions of permanent quality control.

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