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In the Competence section, we have collected valuable information about nutrition. We will inform you about the involved regulation systems; detoxication necessary for symbiotic intestinal micro flora; and rational food additives containing probiotic bacteria. Finally, you will learn about the effects that nutrition causes on a personís well-being. Nutrition is one of the most important sources of health, vitality and, consequently, high quality of life. The general public has somewhat restricted notion of the importance of nutrition for health: for most people, nutrition is but a quick fuel loading procedure or some kind of a surrogate joy of life. Our demands are manipulated by mass media; food industry takes pains to conceal information about large-scale pathogenic and toxic effects of some food products.

Many people prefer canned products containing preservatives, which not only decrease the nutritive value of food, but also present an extraneous material for digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. Since prehistoric times, our digestive system has been developing for the sole purpose of optimal digestion of food products. Thus, the digestive tract developed in response to the demand for digestion of food generally becoming increasingly available for human beings. Accelerating changes in the nutrition habits constantly increase the requirements for intestinal adaptability and, thus, present an independent factor of sharp increase in the incidence of civilization diseases, especially in the industrially developed countries.

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